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Emerging Technologies

Power BI

“Power BI,” as Microsoft says, “is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website.” Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization products and services for individuals and teams.

Here are some reasons why we should use Power BI:

  • Quick Start: It has an uncomplicated setup, requires no training and includes a pre-built dashboard for services such as Google Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics. It helps companies get insights quickly.
  • Streamlines and easy distribution: Reports and visualizations can be easily uploaded on the Power BI service instead of emailing or sharing them on google drive. The data is also automatically refreshed when a certain set of data in the reports is updated.
  • Real-time information and quick solutions: Whenever there is any update in the data on Power BI, the dashboards are updated in real-time. These real-time updates give users the ability to solve problems quicker and find opportunities also quicker.
  • Customize app navigation: The app navigation feature allows report developers to customize navigation so that viewers can find content quickly and can also understand the relation between the reports and the dashboards
  • Customize security features: Report developers can set security levels and access filters to ensure viewers can see data that is only relevant to them.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Power BI users can access image recognition and text analytics, create machine learning models, and integrate with Azure Machine Learning.

Google Assistant and Chatbots

Google Assistant is a voice-based assistance service from Google. Initially, it was a part of only Google and Android devices but Google has now allowed other manufacturers and developers to integrate Google Assistant with their products and services. Google Assistant is one of the most advanced voice assistants in the market today.

Since the time chatbots have been introduced, they have risen in popularity and the reason behind their popularity is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence allows them to understand and evolve with time, as per the requirements. Chatbots can be modified to handle many business requirements with ease.

Taking this technology one step ahead, voice recognition and speech have now become a part of bots. It allows your bots to listen to the customers, understand their requirements and offer the required information instantly ensuring meaningful interactions with customers.

Some benefits of Google Assistant for Chatbot development are:

  • Easy integration of Google Assistant into numerous devices
  • Evolves with time due to Artificial Intelligence
  • Ability to handle multiple commands at once with ease
  • Natural language understanding
  • Supports various programming languages
  • Easily able to differentiate between different voices

At Big Rattle Technologies, we can assist you with the development of voice-enabled chatbots based on Google Assistant. Our team of experts ensures that the bot we create is error-free and easily deployable.

Wearables and IOT

What is IoT?

IoT i.e Internet of Things is about any device that is connected to the Internet. But mostly IoT is used to define objects that Talk to each other. In simpler words, IoT is made up of devices- from sensors, smartphones to wearables- connected. By combining these connected devices with automated systems, it is possible to "gather information, analyze it and create an action" to help with a particular task or learn from a process.

Here are some advantages of IoT:

  • IoT encourages machine to machine communication since the devices are connected. It results in higher efficiencies and greater quality
  • Without human intervention, the machines can communicate with each other leading to faster and timely output.
  • The amount of time saved because of IoT could be quiet large since there is less manual intervention
  • IoT proves to be very helpful to people in their daily routines by making the appliances effectively communicate to each other thereby saving and conserving energy and cost.

IoT can be put to various uses like monitoring smart cities, home automation, industrial automation, health monitoring, etc. It opens a wide array of possibilities to enhance the quality of life in all aspects.

What are Wearables?

Wearables are on the rise. There are newer technologies in the market and better devices being developed every day. There is a rise in devices such as smartwatches in addition to smartphones and people are opting for such wearable devices. Wearables like Google Glass, FitBit, Apple watch have changed the way we receive, use and share data.

Here are some benefits if wearables:

  • Ability to monitor our fitness levels, track our locations with GPS more.
  • These devices are hands free and portable
  • Since these wearables are connected to our devices, all the data can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

We at Big Rattle Technologies provide custom wearable app development systems like:

  • Wearable Technology Software Solutions
  • Fitness Wearable Solutions
  • Safety and Security Wearable Solutions

To learn more about wearable software or wearable app development connect with us today.