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Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience is another critical component of the design phase. Here our expert design team tries to optimize customer experiences at each touchpoint before, during, and after conversion. Our team leverage customer-centered techniques to delight your customers at every step of the conversion journey and nurture customer-brand relationships.

An effective mobile application or website is not always judged solely on its visual appeal but its useability as well. In essence, how the customer experiences the core functionality of an app or website at hand.

In order to accomplish this, we emphasize on a handful of research and data-driven strategies to comprehend our client’s customers. These research techniques and customer experience design incorporate:

We focus our efforts on most emerging technologies in the web or mobile arena. We have vast experience working with a wide range of technologies and a proven track record in building apps for Android, iOS, and website, focusing on the customer experience. In addition to that, our team has inculcated a number of techniques, processes, and tools that ensure the development of a great application.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Our discovery procedure commences with competitive analysis. When we review competitive applications or websites, we focus on what truly works, what doesn’t, industry ultimate practices, and other key observations to intelligently present how your mobile app or website will be a cut above the others.

  • Personas

    User Personas epitomize the end-users with which we are trying to interact. To deliver a cohesive approach, we construct and document all key user personals associated with the particular project and refer to them frequently throughout the procedure.

  • Usability

    We very well comprehend that if an application or website isn’t easy to use, customers won’t simply use it. This testing enables us to garner key insights on how end-users engage with online digital assets. Strategies include heat and scroll mapping and much more.

  • Customer Flow Mapping

    All apps or sites should have a good plan, a notion of how you want your visitors to utilize and navigate your application or website. That’s when user flow mapping comes into the picture giving a clean outlook of the navigational hierarchy of your app or website. It enables your user to garner the full breath of the site/app in a quick glimpse to assist ease their usage of the product.

We have CX designers you can rely on for your project!!